I'm an explorer,
creative, and straight-up
dude who believes that hard
work, a little dirt under
your nails, and
a strong focus on details
yields great work. I'm
passionate about creating
authentic visuals for those
pushing the limits and
sharing inspiration for
those who follow.

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Archive for July, 2014

Ubajara BRAZIL

July 28, 2014 11:15 pm

Finally getting the chance to dust off this ol’ BLOG. We are super grateful for the past few months being chock full of world travel and eye opening projects. HUGE thanks to our loyal clients that continue to give us the opportunity to grow and explore! We spent a little over a week in early June in Ubajara Brazil. The people of Brazil are truly amazing and inspiring. The World Cup has brought so much hype and exposure to the country…some good, some bad. All the folks we met and interacted with, were extremely proud and excited for this event. I was stoked to have had time to shoot and hang with a few locals as they had a football scrimmage. Great way to end an amazing trip. Looking forward to sharing more images from this assignment!

Ubajara Brazil Soccer