Pure Michigan

Home state homage! As a born and bred Michigander, the score of Cider House Rules and soft drone of Tim Allen’s narration have been ingrained in my memory as the unofficial anthem that drives tourism to the state of Michigan. 17 years later, the tides have turned and the state of Michigan marches to a new and modern cadence to the tune of ‘Keep It Fresh. AMP was commissioned to hit the road for a week of still photography in support of the second chapter of the campaign - 'Fresh Lives Here.' Working in tandem with Detroit production company Hudson Artists, our creative crew of 20 trekked from Detroit, Grand Rapids, Houghton, to Marquette capturing MI natives showcasing their passion of sport, art, food and driven by the endless inspiration Michigan provides. The end results are a visual love letter to the mitten state - a fresh coast perspective straight from the heart of the Midwest!
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