Rocky Mountaineer

In collaboration with Denver-based production company Futuristic Films and Vancouver-based agency 123W, we were tasked with creating promotional content for Canadian-based rail line Rocky Mountaineer's latest route, "Rockies to Red Rocks," a two-day luxury travel experience departing from Denver, Colorado, and ending in Moab, Utah. This journey offers breathtaking views, traversing high alpine tundra, crossing the continental divide, and transitioning from 14,000-foot mountains to the stunning red rock landscape of the desert. The client's request included capturing footage and still photographs both on and off-board the train, which necessitated two separate production windows due to the schedule constraints imposed by the freight lines that own and operate the rail. After thorough location scouting and planning (handled by Futuristic), our crews were divided into three units, strategically positioned to capture iconic landscapes along the route using drones, remote cameras, and ground positions. The second production round was aboard the train, seamlessly blending stills and motion to capture everything from dining and apr├Ęs-ski lifestyle scenes to the expansive vistas seen from the glass-dome coaches. This project was a truly unique and comprehensive production experience for all aboard.
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