Al Henceroth

As we near two centuries of mankind sliding down slopes on planks, there’s only a small handful of individuals today that uphold the pillars that the sport was built upon. Arapahoe Basin’s Al Henceroth is certainly one of them—a young punk kid that followed the draw of the mighty West in search of endless powder and any excuse not to subscribe to societal norms. Thirty three years later, Al has carved his own track and left a mark on the ski industry as the fearless leader of Summit County’s pride, A Basin. A true black sheep in the role of Chief Operations Officer, he’s a friendly face that isn’t afraid to do time in the lift line or boot pack his way to his favorite honey hole. Needless to say, Al’s commitment to quality and to upholding an unparalleled skier and rider experience is unmatched. At A Basin, there aren’t a shiny logoed vehicles out front or energy drink banners welcoming you upon arrival—simply tucked away under the craggy ridge line of Lenewae Mountain sits a place where making turns is still king.

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