Altra Running - Stay Out There

This was one of those projects that fired on all cylinders from the get-go! We were tasked with creating visuals (stills + motion) to drive Altra’s next chapter of the ‘Stay Out There’ global brand campaign. Using the mantra and tone established in the campaign’s inaugural launch, this installment builds on a narrative from the runner’s perspective that celebrates their shoes for the miles and memories logged along the way. The Altra team fully embraced Andrew’s vision of using “projected memories” to enhance the campaign, seamlessly blending with the captured hero running imagery. Through carefully calculated logistics and storyboarding, Andrew directed and captured stills simultaneously alongside trusted DP Nick Kalisz to maximize our time with Altra’s elite athlete’s. Within a 30 day window, the AMP team concepted, captured and delivered a final package consisting of: 100 photographs, a 30-second brand spot, and three additional 15-second supporting stories for the campaign. Yee haw!
scope of work

Campaign Concepting

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